Resident Evil XIII?

Just got back from the beach. Beat XIII and Resident Evil while I was down there.

XIII was pretty bad overall. It had a few cool parts, but was mostly a lame factory.

Resident Evil on the other hand was pretty sweet. Was expecting a lot more for the ending, but it was alright I guess.


VUG – A horrible company

I have always been an avid player of the Tribes franchise. However recent events in Tribes Vengeance have changed my mind. For the last 6 months the community has been waiting for a patch to come out to fix the things broke due to rushed development. For a while VUG kept saying that the patch would be out shortly. Well after about a month of messing with us by saying it will only be a bit longer they stopped giving us any information. We waited and wondered what was going on. A few weeks ago we were told there would be news about the patch within one week. That information never came, finally today VU announced it would not be releasing a patch ever.

Few Days Ago:[email protected]@.1dd97685

Today:[email protected]@.1dd97873

So basically we have been lied to and cheated by VU games. We were patient and kind but we can’t take anymore. I am here to plead with you not to become a victim of VUgames. Don’t let them cheat you out of your hard earned money. The Better Business Bureaus rated VUgames “F” there lowest score possible in customer satisfaction.