Starsiege: Tribes

Starsiege: Tribes, one of Gamespot’s Greatest Games of All Time and’s #3 multiplayer game of all time is now free.

About Tribes

Vehicles. Vast outdoor environments. Focus on teamplay. Online support for at least 32 players. Base equipment and trinkets. Jetpacks offering full freedom of movement. Mixing and matching gear to create your own roles. Never the same game twice. Even today these features make Tribes stand out in a crowd of other FPS games, but in 1998 when the original Tribes was released, it was downright revolutionary. Whether you bought the box, downloaded the demo, or “borrowed” it from a buddy, chances are you’ve tried Tribes. If not, then you’ve still experienced its influence in any number of other games that have since embraced its successful combination of features.

Starsiege: Tribes was the first major online-only first-person action game. Long before Counter-Strike, Battlefield, and a host of other imitators, Tribes offered up more than 32 player support, different player classes, a variety of weapon kits, a handful of multi-passenger vehicles, loads of gameplay types, a wide variety of maps, and plenty of team-oriented features. This combination created a game that was an instant hit among fans. Download your copy today and see why this game is a true classic.


Update: You can still use the downloads below, but it is much easier to download a pre-configured Tribes setup over at

Required Files:

Recommended Map Packs:

Optional Files:

About Mods

Look for servers running server type “Base” and mission type “CTF”. Base is the un-modded gametype. Anything else is a mod (like faster weapons, unlimited energy, extra weapons, etc.). Most base servers also run mission type LT which is a stripped down version of base where everyone has the same loadout and there is no base equipment.


That first patch brings you up to version 1.11 which was the last official patch. Some servers run version 1.30, which is “Lasthope”, an anti-cheat patch. So if you want to play in those servers you will need to install that. You can get that here:

To install that patch, unzip the file into your Tribes directory. It will ask if you want to replace the existing Tribes.exe with the new one, click yes. Now when you run the game it should say version 1.30 in the bottom right corner. After installing that, you can still play in 1.11 servers.

*Important* Master Server Update

Sierra recently took down the master server for Starsiege: Tribes. The master server is responsible for keeping track of all of the available game servers so you can find them to play. The good news is that Tribes supports adding new master servers, and the Tribes community has created a new one. You must change to the new master server to get a list of available games. Adding a new master server is relatively easy.

Steps for adding a new master server:

  • Start your Starsiege: Tribes 1 client.
  • Open the console. (default is the backtick/tilde ` key, which is located directly under the Escape key)
  • Paste this into the console by pressing CTRL-V:
    $Server::MasterAddressN0 = "";
  • Now close and restart Tribes; you should have the full list of registered servers.

If your server list is still not refreshing, make sure that in your tribes client, under network settings, you have the US Master server selected. If you are still having problems getting a list of servers go here.